User Claims MacBook Exploded While Normal Use

Ever since when it comes to tech gadgets, the exploding phenomenon is quite shocking. Because that’s the piece which everyone uses almost every day, keeps in pockets and takes to everywhere they travel. Thanks to a Reddit post, a Twitter video just got viral shows exploded MacBook Pro.

We can understand how much terrifying it is. A MacBook Pro which belongs to White Panda according to the Twitter handle who is a musician. In an interview with Mashable, he said that the video shared by him on his Twitter handle is recorded just after two minutes when it was exploded.

As you can see in the video, there is white smoke everywhere and we can, of course, realize how much bigger explode it was. Because there are also burn marks on MacBook Pro. Well, he made clear that it didn’t suddenly explode. His MacBook Pro was in his lap when the smoke started coming out and after that everything happens as shown in his recorded video.

“It was literally like when someone throws a smoke grenade and it lands and starts shooting out all sides,” White Panda told to Mashable. “Out of nowhere, smoke was pouring out of both sides of the computer.” Further, he adds.

He quickly placed his MacBook Pro on the floor and within a couple of minutes, he saw flame coming out of his MacBook with more smoke. Well, he ensured that nobody got hurt among all present in the house including his wife and dog.

Although, because of so much smoke in the room he had experienced headaches and a shortage of breathing air. Well, in response, Apple said to replace his MacBook Pro with a new one.


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