How to Link Telegram Comments Feature with WordPress Website [Step by Step Guide]

There has been a lot of messaging services you might be aware of. Probably, WhatsApp!? Isn’t that stealing your information using its platform? Well, Telegram could be your choice if you are looking for a secure messaging platform. And that’s why in this post I will show you how you can link Telegram comments with WordPress website in a very easy way.

Telegram released this feature on August 11, 2019, and including us, there are a lot of other websites using Telegram comments feature for their visitors. This allows visitors to leave comments on your articles using their Telegram account. It is simple as it sounds. So, it could make more engagements and skip all of those useless steps of making a WordPress account or providing email ids.

Why Telegram is Secure Platform?

Before we jump on the detailed guide of how to link Telegram comments with WordPress site, I would like to share some information on why you should go for Telegram. And one simple answer could be Telegram’s messaging service uses the MTProto protocol to exchange message. And so, earlier we shared a tutorial on personal cloud storage. Do make sure to check it out if you are interested.

Before a message (or a multipart message) is transmitted over a network using a transport protocol, it is encrypted in a certain way, and an external header is added at the top of the message that consists of a 64-bit key identifier auth_key_id (that uniquely identifies an authorization key for the server as well as the user) and a 128-bit message key msg_key. The authorization key auth_key combined with the message key msg_key define an actual 256-bit key aes_key and a 256-bit initialization vector aes_iv, which are used to encrypt the message using AES-256 encryption in infinite garble extension (IGE) mode.

Telegram Comments Feature

Initially, the Telegram comments feature is powered by their Discuss Bot which converts secured message into comments and shows on your website. So, once the reader will come over your site, s/he will need to log in using their Telegram account which is two steps method and then they can leave comments.

Telegram Comments feature offers the minimal user interface of the comment box. As you can see in the image, you can change color to match the colors of your website. In my case its a pink and black color to match with the theme. Viewers can leave a like, dislike on others’ comments and also they can reply.

I would like to drive your attention toward its working methodology. Since Telegram shows which people commented, you can easily moderate all comments. You can even know their Telegram username and reach out to those people personally via your Telegram account. In this way, you can advertise your brand more and increase interaction. Further, if anyone doing spam on your website, block those accounts with one click.

How to Link Telegram Comments with WordPress Site

Well, I won’t make steps confusing. I will be pretty straight forward. But, the only thing I would say that you will need to have knowledge of how to add Javascript code that Telegram Comments bot gives you upon verifying your site. Since you might be using a theme, or you would have hired a developer for your site.

Anyways, let’s jump on steps and see how to link Telegram Comments with your WordPress website;

01. Go on the Telegram Comments website –

02. On the website, you will see two options — Comments for Channel and Comments for Websites. Right now, we are interested in linking comments feature with WordPress site, click on ‘Connect Website‘ button.

03. Upon click, you will get a new page where you will have to add website information. In my case, I already have added the Right Brothers website. But, I will add another website to hide the script of Telegram comments.

Once done, simply click on ‘Connect Website‘.

04. On the next screen simply scroll down, you will see different tabs.

  • Comments: It allows you to set how many numbers of comments you want to show on-page.
  • Height: It allows you to adjust the height of the comment box. If you will keep on Auto it will adjust automatically.
  • Page ID: If you want to link this comment box on multiple pages, you can add IDs for each page. Since WordPress allows you to insert this script easily using plugins, you don’t have to make separate scripts for each page.
  • Customize Appearance: It allows you to adjust colors of buttons and names to match your website’s color theme.

05. Once everything set, simply copy this code snippet. We will need to paste it on your website.

06. Now, here’s a task where you will have to insert this script on your website. You can either use plugin to insert this script code or you can simply edit in your theme’s page.php page through theme editor.

Since my website theme offers the drag and drops feature, it takes to put code simply on posts. However, if you are facing trouble in linking Telegram comments feature with your WordPress site then you can refer WPBeginner’s post on;


Well, I would recommend using Telegram comments on your website. However, it also depends on your audience’s attitude. Since we have our own Telegram channel, we keep our audience engaged with posts. So, they don’t mind commenting on our posts using their Telegram account. A unique visitor who visits your website might don’t have an account on Telegram or they don’t want to share their account username with anonymous people visit your website. So, in such scenarios, you could lose audiences’ engagements.

That wraps up the guide of how to link Telegram comments with WordPress website. If you are still facing problems, feel free to comment down below. I will surely help you.

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