LG Registers it’s Foldable Smartphone Brand’s Names in Europe

The Korean giant unveiled its foldable smartphone at the Samsung’s developer conference earlier this month. The phone will make a debut alongside a company’s next flagship Galaxy S10. And it seems LG don’t want to sit back. The company has registered its new foldable smartphone names in Europe.

As per the reported by the Engadget, the smartphone maker has registered three applications which are categorized in Class 9 and that includes the smartphones. So, it is pretty safe to assume that the brand names are for smartphones which will debut in future and it could be the foldable smartphone.

The smartphone maker has registered three brand names — Foldi, Flex, and Duplex. These are registered in Europe under the European Union Intellectual Property Office better known as EUIPO.

Here it is worth to note that Engadget report suggests us that right now, it is not clear whether these names will be used specifically for the LG phones or other say for example Samsung Galaxy ‘F’ where the F could be anything like ‘Foldi’ or ‘Flexi’. While the ‘Duplex’ is the name which is used by the Google for one of their AI features which is used for making calls, book appointments in the saloon, etc.

If you are not living under the rock you might know that Samsung has already registered a patent for their foldable smartphone and it is now to be seen that how far they have made a progress in the foldable phone as well as when it will get launched. Yes, it is clear we will not see any of the foldable screen phones in 2018. But, for sure we would see foldable phone prototypes at the 2019’s Mobile World Congress.


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