LG’s New Patent for Foldable Smartphone w/ Flexible Circuit Board

Looks like smartphone manufacturers are taking more interest to make the foldable smartphone. After the Samsung’s foldable smartphone patent we have seen the Motorola’s foldable smartphone patent earlier this month. Now, LG has filed a patent for its foldable smartphone with some interesting features. The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted the LG’s new foldable smartphone patent.

LG has submitted this patent at the end of 2017 and the company got the approval for the same on June 28, 2018. However, the patent was not made public by the company itself even after the approval. But now the patent image is available by the known industry LetsGoDigital.

Smartphone manufacturers are implementing their own ideas to make a foldable smartphone. Last week we have seen the Motorola’s patent for the foldable smartphone which has a really interesting concept to use the OLED display. To remove the semi-permanent deformation in the OLED displays, the company will install the thermal element in the hinge. While the LG’s foldable smartphone patent shows us the dual antenna, two speakers, and microphones.

We cannot see any type of thermal mechanism in the hinge to remove the distortion from the screen. Hence, there is a major drawback for such type of design. And that is the damaging of the screen if the smartphone folded frequently. Well, this point is really noticeable.

In the patent, LG’s foldable smartphone looks with the bezel-less design. When someone unfolds the device, the screen will turn on automatically. And when the device will be folded the screen will turn off. In the image, the device is shown from the inside. Where the parts are highlighted with the different colors. You can clearly see there are two speakers, two flexible circuits, and two antennas. 

LG has shown another one new usage of this foldable smartphone. The user can put this device in the pocket by folding it. And using the device camera which is provided near the hinge, one can easily record the video. We can see there is now a screen turned of while recording or taking a picture. You can see while taking a picture or recording a video the screen is not activated. So, the battery consumption becomes less.