Lenovo Used Fan-made Razr Concept Video Without Permission at Chinese Press Event

Motorola is about to launch its new foldable phone called Razr. The phone is quite in a talk from the past couple of months when the first we came across its official patents. The smartphone may be one of the anticipated phones because it folds vertically and offers a square display when it is folded. However, it seems Motorola is in a strange situation.

Recently in China Motorola held a press event where the company presented a short video about their upcoming Moto Razr. However, it turns out wrong. The video was made by a fan to show how the device could look like.

The video has been captured by the Engadget China’s editor-in-chief which confirming the video was indeed played the press event by Motorola. Now, what’s shameful is Motorola removed the original maker’s watermark from the video and added a bumper screen at the end. The Engadget China’s editor-in-chief, later on, asked Waqar Khan (who made a video of Moto Razr) to confirm whether he gave permission or not.

Now, here’s one more interesting thing. A well known Chinese media, Sina technology used the same video in their post in order to share that Motorola unveiled their foldable screen smartphone. For folks who don’t know, Sina Technology is Weibo’s media outlet. The video made by Waqar Khan shows Moto Razr mobile design based upon the earlier patents obviously. But the incident puts Lenovo in a strange situation.

However, there is one more thing we can now say that upcoming Lenovo’s Moto Razr phone could definitely look like the one which is shown in the fan-made video. Let me know what do you think about this incident in comment box below.