Lenovo Registered Patent that Vertically Folds Smartphone

Samsung and Huawei already introduced their foldable smartphone and many other companies such as Xiaomi, Oppo and Motorola working on their own foldable smartphone to launch it before the end of 2019. Yet another foldable smartphone may launch this year as Lenovo registered foldable smartphone pattern that folds vertically.

The new patent shows Lenovo’s foldable design which is very similar to the Moto Razer X which was appeared on the web last year in December. However, It won’t fold like the Huawei Mate X or Galaxy Fold as it has the hinge-like Felxpie foldable phone.

To give us a better idea, LetsgoDigital created a renders to show us how it may look if company decides to launch it in the market.

Looking at the design, The bezels are noticeable. There isn’t notch so the top bezels contains everything including sensors, earpiece and front facing camera. The secondary display located at the rear side.

The fold line of Lenovo Foldable smartphone is not in the middle, In fact the lower part is shorter than the upper part. You can also bend the lower part, When you have folded the smartphone you will see smaller notification screen will appear.

Lenovo isn’t the only company working on a foldable smartphone. Although it is yet unclear that if this device will launch this year and if it launched will it be available for public? The design may change in the final version as this is just a render based on patent. So make sure to follow our social media platform for future updates.