Kirin 990 vs Kirin 990E 5G: How Does it Compare?

A tech giant Huawei announced a couple of devices named Mate 40 and Mate 30E Pro 5G at the event. The brand new flagship is powered by newly manufactured chipset Kirin 990E 5G which is the upgrade version of Kirin 990. Well, if you’re confused between these two then here I will tell you how both differ from each other. keep reading Kirin 990 vs Kirin 990E 5G: How Does it Compare?

Kirin 990E 5G is basically the mixed version of Kirin 990 and Kirin 990 5G. It is slight better than Kirin 990 but a little nerfed than Kirin 990 5G in terms of GPU and NPU. Although, CPU and Modem in both are the exact same so there won’t be a huge gap in terms of performance.

Kirin 990 vs Kirin 990E 5G

As you can check in the comparison, Kirin 990E 5G is made on the 7nm process based on EUV compared to the 7nm process of Kirin 990. The only difference when it comes to CPU cores is clocked frequency. The two A76 cores are clocked at 2.36GHz compared to 2.09 GHz in Kirin 990 and four cores are clocked at 1.95GHz compared to 1.86Ghz in Kirin 990. That will help boost the performance of the chipset.

The GPU and NPU seem to be quite the same in both the chipset so won’t make a quite different in terms of performance. Although the Kirin 9905G seems to have better of both making it a better chipset of all.

Kirin 990E 5G will be seen in many future devices from Huawei and Honor replacing it with the current flagship chipset Kirin 990.

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