iPhone XR and XS Max Benchmark Scores are Insane!

Recently Launched iPhones are powered by the all-new Apple’s In-house A12 Bionic chip. 2018 iPhones are world’s first smartphones based on the 7nm chip. Well, Apple’s A11 Bionic chip was the world’s fastest chip and it still is if you see benchmark scores.

Well, Then What’s a difference between A11 Bionic and A12 Bionic Chip. For that check out our detailed article.

iPhone XR Benchmark Score: 

iPhone XR (iPhone11,8) is powered by the A12 bionic chip and 3GB of RAM. iPhone XR scored 4754 and 9367 in single- and multi-core tests. The listing also reveals the 6.1-inch phone comes with 3GB of RAM, just as we had suspected.

iPhone Xs Max Benchmarks: 

The iPhone XS Max (iPhone 11,6) does even better in Geekbench tests, and it’s probably thanks to that extra gigabyte of RAM. The phone reaches 4813 and 10266 in the same tests, with one listing showing a multi-core score of over 11300 points.

Both iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max have the same specifications so the scores will be identical. No Other device can beat this scores at least in 2018. Snapdragon 845 wasn’t even close to the A11. So maybe even Snapdragon 855 can’t get near to this score.

I don’t believe much in Benchmark because Android Flagship (OnePlus 6) was able to beat iPhone X running on iOS 11. The real-life comparison might be available on YouTube once Apple starts shipping iPhones.