In-display Fingerprint Sensor Heading Over to LCD Displays in Second Half of 2019

Technology is now jumping to the next door where they get some better clothes. Seriously, smartphone tech is now getting more advanced day by day. Anyway, for now, let me keep this chapter bounded to under-display fingerprint sensors. The most adopted tech is an optical in-display fingerprint sensor.

The optical in-display fingerprint sensor works by capturing the reflected light through OLED display pixels. The optical in-display fingerprint sensor only supports OLED display. That is because it works on Synaptics’ Clear ID sensor for high-resolution fingerprint scanning. This sensor is named as Clear ID FS9500 which only supported by the OLED and AMOLED displays right now. So, it is impossible to place a fingerprint sensor under the LCD displays.

But, now it seems the in-display fingerprint sensor heading over to the LCD displays in the second half of 2019. One of the Chinese display manufacturer Fortsense has recently demonstrated LCD screen’s under display fingerprint solution and while demonstrating 160+ LCD screen fingerprints are accumulated.

The sensor is not quite ready for a smartphone to install right now. While demonstrating this sensor, the supply chain manufacturers were facing signal interface issue. Although later on the LCD capacitor signal interface was solved and the company is expecting some manufacturers to use this sensor in low-end devices in order to offer in-display fingerprint sensor.

The technology is quite new and we can say right now, it is still unstable. So, it will take time to become available. Although, as reported, we might see in-display fingerprint sensor in LCD screen phone in the second half of 2019.

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