In-display Camera Technology is Unveiled, But Is It Ready to Implement? – Here’s What Right Brothers Think

There is a lot more competition in the market. I would like to especially point out the smartphone market because its the one we talk about almost every day. If you are not living under the rock, you might have gone through several videos/images released by Oppo and Xiaomi of their new in-display camera technology. So, now, we are getting more closer and closer day by day. But, is it ready to implement?

No. Of course not. But why? Why still it requires engineering? Why they can’t straight go to install it under the display and launch their first phone so that they can get the tag of ‘First In-display Camera Phone? That’s because it isn’t convenient. It isn’t properly ready. It is taking quite a larger space.

The prototype you have seen in the video is not a fully ready device. It’s hard to believe, but yes, usually, the prototype is having the tech which needs to be shown in the video with some supporting hardware. For example, the phone you have seen in the prototype wouldn’t have speakers, it wouldn’t have that much expensive internals. It’s just a working phone that made to show a tech that they are working on.

A new in-display camera technology is not that much of mature yet. And it is obvious we will not see any single phone with in-display camera technology until the second half of 2020. Well, I have studies different reports on the web. And the one I have found is the size of the module they fit under the AMOLED display.

Now, because its a newly growing technology, the size of the camera module more than 3mm. To fit beneath the display, the module requires a proper space. Now, manufacturers have to consider some other internals as well. And over the upcoming 1 or 2 years, the size of this module will, of course, be reduced somewhere around 1mm.

This reminds me of how fast the Chinese smartphone manufacturers are. Let me know what do you think about it in the comment section below.