Huawei Works with Aptoide to Replace Google Play Store

In response to the U.S. government ban on Chinese Tech giant Huawei, Google cuts its Android relationship with Huawei. Other U.S. tech company like Intel, Qualcomm also joins the decision and cutting off the business relationship.

Following the decision, Huawei can still use the Android Open Source Project but Huawei device won’t have access the Google services like PlayStore, Gmail, YouTube and more. It’s a huge decision and can harm the company’s sale in other countries than China. China already banned Google services so that won’t affect Huawei in China.

Huawei also posted a long statement on its social media account that summarizes to, Huawei devices will continue getting security patch updates and the old Huawei users don’t need to worry about it. Although, The company didn’t mention anything about the major updates as installing the major update will lose the Google Play services.

Huawei is working with the Aptodie to replace the Google Play Store on their devices. Aptoide is the Application market place from where you can download and install the application on your android devices. Aptoide is a really good alternative to the Google Play Store but we don’t know yet how they will solve the issue with the Payments applications. Most of the Payment application will check for the Google Play license and if it can’t find then payment application won’t work.

Huawei has other plans to if this doesn’t work out. Huawei is working on its own Operating System reportedly called “Hongmeng” from the last couple of years but we haven’t seen that yet so it’s better to wait.

There is no confirmation on what Huawei can come up with. We really hope they solve out the issue with Google because Huawei is manufacturing great hardware already.