Huawei’s Android Replacement ‘Project Z’ will be Ready by the End of this Year

Google banned Huawei for using Android on their upcoming smartphones. However, today according to the new report, Google has given ‘temporary license’ to Huawei which lasts until August 19th. It will allow Huawei to provide software updates on their existing Huawei phones. Although, the company is forced to develop its own operating system for their handsets.

A new report today claims that Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei will make its own operating system ready by the end of this year. Various sources churning out the information slowly. According to The Information, Huawei’s new operating system for smartphones internally named ‘Project Z’.

Huawei was working on its own operating system for smartphones from the past several years. It was kept as Plan B if anything happens in the future. And as of now, it seems Huawei’s future handsets won’t get the taste of Android. So, the ongoing war is exerting more force on Huawei to accelerate the new OS Project Z.

On the ongoing situation of Huawei in the United States, CEO of Huawei’s consumer electronics business revealed that U.S. ban on the company is quite a big surprise for him. After Google’s Android ban for Huawei, leading chip makers Intel, Qualcomm and Broadcom have also cut off the deals with this Chinese maker. In the recent interview, Richar Yu said, “Huawei forced to launch our own OS [operating system] and ecosystem.”

However, still, there are no technical details of OS on the report paper. But, it wouldn’t be surprising for us. Because the roads for Huawei is now almost clear.

The project’s focus has always been the domestic market, where Huawei hopes its operating system will power all kinds of devices—from phones to wearables to appliances—when China moves to the next-generation 5G wireless network.

Huawei’s Project Z is still a little bit far from the final version. Since the new operating system is under development, it will be a big challenge for Huawei to gain developer support. Although, if we talk about the China-specific, it would be easy to develop applications, its a bigger challenge for Huawei when it comes to the global market.

Well, recently, I went through various news on the web. And some of them are shedding light on the actual situation of Huawei. The new operating system for upcoming handsets might support Android applications. That means app which doesn’t require Google services can be easily side-loaded on Huawei’s OS and can be used easily.