Huawei Announced 5G Baseband Chip, 5G Folding Screen Phone Coming at Mobile World Congress

Yesterday, Huawei finished its 5G conference in Beijing. The company has officially released its 5G multi-mode terminal chipset for manufacturers along with some juicy information regarding its upcoming plans for Mobile World Congress 2019. No doubt, this years’ MWC will have some elegant smartphone pieces with new high-end technology. Alright, coming onto the point, Huawei’s new 5G multi-mode terminal chip – Balong 5000 and first 5G commercial chip – Huawei 5G CPE Pro promises to bring the high-speed internet browsing experience.

Balong 5000

According to the Huawei, it’s new Balong 5000 will bring the new era of 5G network in all over the world. And this could be a greater advantage if you are surrounded by the IoT (Internet of Things). The Balong 5000 can support a variety of other products while in terms of smartphones, it also includes the 5G modules, home broadband terminals, and car terminals which will bring the native support for the 5G network in order to provide an enhanced experience.

“Balong 5000 launches a new world for you. It can awaken the perception of everything and promote the intelligence of all things. The Huawei 5G CPE Pro equipped with this chip allows consumers to access the network more freely and enjoy the fast connection experience.” says Yu Chengdong, CEO of consumer business. “Huawei has a full range of capabilities including chips, terminals, cloud services, and networks. It is a leader in the 5G era and will bring a wonderful full-scenario smart life experience to consumers around the world,” further he adds.

According to the Huawei, the maximum download speed that can be achieved by Balong 5000 is 4.6Gbps which is indeed a surprising number. If you are not living under the rock, Xiaomi has also achieved the 5G mark in their smartphone. Although in Xiaomi’s case the maximum download speed was 2Gbps. The chipset can rely on other networks as well such as 2G, 3G, and 4G. So, with a single chip, all network standard can be operated which results into a lower power consumption caused by data exchange.

Huawei’s 5G Phone Coming at MWC 2019

Along with this chipset announcement, the company has also revealed that they will be launching their new 5G smartphone at upcoming MWC 2019. The phone will contain this newly launched Balong 5000 chipset under the hood. You can keep yourself tuned with us for further information.


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