How to View and Download Full Report of WhatsApp Data from WhatsApp Server

New European GDPR law has now taken place everywhere and tech giants like Google, Facebook has introduced their new guidelines to comply with new General Data Protection Regulations. However, if you keep yourself updated with the news, you may know that European people have already filed complaints against Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram to violet new GDPR law. To comply with GDPR, WhatsApp now offers their users to download the full report of their activity from WhatsApp server and once user will download, it will be deleted from their data center.

People may think that how it is possible to download the full report and delete it from the WhatsApp server because new WhatsApp application has now the different clothes on buttons compared to the older one. Well, here’s a proper method to do the same on your Android device. So, let’s dive into the proper step by step method.


  • Starting from the updating WhatsApp application. If you are running on the latest version, you can jump on the second step. Navigate to Google Play Store and update WhatsApp application.
  • Well, WhatsApp developers have changed button name to ‘Request Account Info’ in newer version to download the full report on the device. To download, head over to the Settings> Account> Request Account Info.

  • In order to download the full report of your WhatsApp account on your Android device, WhatsApp will ask for some time period to collect all of your data from their server and make a ZIP file. You can request for the same by tapping on ‘Request report’ button.

  • Please keep in mind, once you will have the ZIP file to download, you will be offered for some limited period of time to export it on your Android device. If you will miss it, it will be deleted automatically from WhatsApp application.