How to Use Your Phone’s Display as Notification LED

The smartphone industry is moving from the notch display to the notch-less full-screen display to give uninterrupted viewing experience to the end-user but that cut down some useful features like notification LED. The notification led blinks when you get any message or any useful notification but in the new smartphone, you won’t be notified for the notifications that you received while your screen is off. Well, If your device has OLED display you can use it as a notification LED. If you want to know how Here is an article on How to use your phone’s display as a notification LED.

The new application designed by Harsh was only designed for the OnePlus 6T at the first but now it should work on most Android device having OLED displays.

Why OLED Display is Required?

The OLED display can turn on individual pixel so that the app can use the individual pixels to make it look like the notification LED. In case of LCD display, There is a single light source that brightens the panel so you can’t use this application on the LCD panels.

if you’re worried about the burn-in issue, Developer has implemented the Burn-in protection that reflects the notification led position occasionally so you won’t face that issue in the long run.

In case you’re wondering, here the video showing how it works on the OLED panel (In Video: OnePlus 6T).

How to Use Your Phone’s Display as a Notification LED

The installation process is quite simple, just follow the below steps to enable it on your smartphone.

01. Install the Notify Buddy application from the playstore – The application is free to download on PlayStore and it’s one of the best notification led app with 50k+ downloads.

02. Head over to the settings and disable Ambient Display and any battery optimization for the app so that it doesn’t kill an app in the background.

03. Now, Open the application and allow notification access permission to NotifyBuddy application.

04. Now, select the application that you want to see notifications of and choose the color that you like. [Note: Don’t select phone app its buggy atm]

05. That’s It. You can see the notification LED blink whenever you receive the notification.

The application was launched recently and considering that you may see ideal battery drain and minor bugs. Many users on XDA also reported the ideal battery drain issue. Hopefully, the developer will fix those issue very soon in the next update.

You can also visit XDA Thread for more information or to report any bug. Make sure to leave a comment if you have any question and follow us on our social media platforms.

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