How to Use Gestures in Android

Gestures are one of the best thing invented in any smartphones. It makes things work easy. You don’t need any hardware and space for that all you can is just by swiping on the screen. Today or Tomorrow you will have to use gesture whether you like it or not. Because smartphone companies are trying to get rid of as many buttons as they can. Even many smartphone vendors are not providing the soft keys. So, Why don’t you start using gesture now?

My device Support Gesture?

Not all the device supports gestures, so how you can use it if your device doesn’t support gesture. Well, The simple answer is Launcher. There are lots of launchers available in play store and many of them support gesture control. Here, I am going to try it out in the Nova Launcher because it’s the best launcher available in right now.

[appbox googleplay id=com.teslacoilsw.launcher&hl=en]

Using gesture will be not easy for few days but once you will be used to it, I am sure you will love using it.

So, What Gesture does it support and how to use it?

  • Swipe Up to open the app drawer
  • Swipe down to open the notification bar
  • Double tap to open an app
  • Double tap to switch between apps
  • Two-finger swipe down for Quick Settings
  • Two-finger swipe up to connect to home Bluetooth speaker (Tasker task)
  • Two-finger swipe down to disconnect to home Bluetooth speaker (Tasker task)
  • Tap Home button (on the home screen) to open Google app
  • Two-finger swipe up to turn on a flashlight.
  • Swipe the Phone app to call Mom

So, How can you use this gestures from Nova Launcher? You need to buy Nova Launcher Prime for that and that hardly costs around $1. Now, Just go the Nova setting and then Gestures & Input and here you will see all the actions. All you have to do is just assign the task to each gesture and you are good to go. It’s that easy.

You won’t like using gestures each time for few days but once you will be used to it, You will love it. I am using it for a long time and it made it easy to access anything directly from home screen. Let me know in comments below if you are using the gesture and how is your experience so far.