How to Unsubscribe and Delete Unwanted Emails with Single Click

People often subscribe to newsletters based upon their interest to get updates. It can be either new deals or new information updates, etc. But sometimes, you get emails from unwanted providers. This happens when your emails are gone to other website owners. You get tons of useless emails. So, in this post, I will show you how you can unsubscribe and delete unwanted emails from your inbox.

The newsletter is generally used for marketing purposes while people like us use this way to keep our subscribers updated with trending news topics. As a receiver, you always want your inbox to be clean and empty without having any useless newsletters. So, you do subscribe only on those websites you want emails from. But, it is not happening currently. Some untrusted websites collect emails and sale them for marketing purposes.

If you use sole email provider to unsubscribe emails then it would become so time-consuming process. Because you have to unsubscribe emails one by one. But, on your Android device, you can unsubscribe and delete unwanted emails with one click.

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Unsubscribe and Delete Unwanted Emails

Cleanfox will help you to get yourself out from this hardcore situation. With Cleanfox, you can unsubscribe and delete unwanted emails with one tap. If you want you can also only delete them without unsubscribing. Cleanfox is the most useful app which is currently being used by the majority of Android users.

What Cleanfox Does?

You have an email box, and you feel bored in deleting them or unsubscribing. Then Cleanfox is the app made for you. It’s a super useful app in today’s time to save your time in cleaning your emails. It’s an anti-spam tool to get rid of useless, newsletters and advertising emails with just one tap.

With Cleanfox you can unsubscribe from all unwanted emails and remove them from your inbox. It will show up newsletter based email on your mobile screen-based upon your rate of interest. And then you can unsubscribe or delete emails straight from your inbox.

The best thing about Cleanfox is it shows emails from newsletter providers in the group. For example, if you are receiving emails from the Facebook newsletter, it will show a total number of emails received from that service. So, upon selecting the only provider, it will remove all received emails with one tap.

How to Unsubscribe and Delete Unwanted Emails?

01. Install Cleanfox app from the Google Play Store.

Download Cleanfox | Free – 8.4MB

02. Setup your email account. It works with the majority of providers — Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, etc. You have to follow some guidelines. It will show steps on the screen.

03. Once, you will add your account, it will start scanning through your email inbox. Cleanfox will show only newsletter based emails.

04. It will show emails on the en. Select the newsletter providers you want to unsubscribe.

05. On the bottom left corner, you will see three buttons.

  • Delete button – It only deletes the email you have selected.
  • Archive button – It skips email to archive box.
  • Unsubscribe and delete button – It will unsubscribe and delete unwanted emails.

06. To unsubscribe and delete emails, simply tap on the last button.

07. You would see a dialogue box on the screen (a pink-colored button with unsubscribe text). Tap on it.

08. That’s it. It will unsubscribe and delete all emails received from the selected provider.

Unsubscribing and removing unwanted emails from the mailbox is kind of annoying. Cleanfox skips all steps and directly allows you to jump on the step which is necessary. I am personally using this app from last six months.

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