How to Unsend Messages on Facebook Messenger

Let’s admit it together, we all have sent ‘Hey’ to our ex or an unwanted message to our boss. And then you regret the mistake and think of having an unsend button, so you could have made your mistake right. But now, thankfully Facebook Messenger has that ‘unsend’ message button to delete a message in individual chat as well as in groups. So today I’m going to guide you on how to unsend messages on Facebook messenger. 

It was in news for a long time and Facebook was reportedly working on this feature after it was officially introduced on WhatsApp and Instagram. Now, the unsend message feature finally hits Facebook Messenger. So, according to the update, you can delete the message anytime for up to 10 minutes after sending it.

How to delete

To remove the message;

  • Tap on the sent message.
  • Select ‘Remove for Everyone’.

Once you will delete the message, the deleted message will be replaced by the text ‘This message was deleted.’ As you get this same message in WhatsApp.

The new feature is now rolling out and it is available for both iOS and Android. So, you can update the app from the App Store and Play Store respectively.

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