How to Unlock Windows Computer Using Android

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Nowadays, it is not new to see the fingerprint sensor in laptops. After implemented into the smartphones, manufacturers are now implementing a fingerprint sensor in laptop helps to unlock laptop with just fingertip. You are here so, admit it that you don’t have that high-tech laptop that you can unlock using fingerprint sensor or if you have PC than it doesn’t matter at all.

You can unlock your computer using your Android device. But the condition is, your device must have a fingerprint sensor. So, let me tell you, you will need to download the application on your Android device and software on your Windows computer. Obviously, it will work as a medium to deliver a message.

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Unlock Your Computer Using Android!

Starting from computer

01. First of download ‘Windows Fingerprint Unlock Module‘ on your computer.

02. The file should be archived in ZIP format. So, simply extract it anywhere you want.

03. In the extracted folder, you will find two setups. One is for 86-bit computer and one is for 64-bit. Install which is suitable for your computer. Just in-case you don’t know, you can find it by right clicking on ‘This PC’ icon on the desktop.

04. The computer part is done now.

On Your Android Device

01. Download ‘Remote Fingerprint Unlock‘ application from the Google Play Store.

02. Now, to add a computer, tap on the hamburger icon located on the left side upper corner. And tap on ‘Scan’.

03. Now, simply tap on ‘+‘ icon. You can add your computer (on which you have installed software) using the IP address or by scanning.

04. I would recommend adding your computer ‘By Scanning‘. So, now, let’s jump on further steps.

Setting Up Everything

01. First of you will need to lock your computer. Because this is the only screen where this module will work in your computer and it can interact with your Android device. So, simply lock it and get yourself on your computer’s lock screen.

02. Get back on your smartphone and tap on ‘By Scanning‘ button. The application should show your device automatically.

03. Tap on your device name in the application. And tap on ‘Save‘.

04. Now, tap again on hamburger icon located left side upper corner and go to ‘My Accounts‘.

05. You will see your PC name. To unlock it you will need to add your account. So, tap on ‘Add Account‘. If any dialogue box comes up, tap on Ok.

06. On next screen simply add your email id (which you have used to add an account on your computer) and password (which you use to unlock your computer).

07. Now, go to the ‘Unlock‘ screen to unlock your computer. And that’s it.

The lock screen is the place only where this application will work. You can now unlock your Android device using your Android device. But, if you are facing any problem then please do let me know in the comment section below. We will definitely reach you as soon as possible.

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