How to Stream FIFA World Cup 2018 Whole Season Live for Free on Android/iOS/Windows [No Need to Pay Anything]

FIFA World Cup is the special event for football lovers. It is the biggest football tournament which is held in Russia for this year. No matter at which point in the world you are, if you are a football lover, you will definitely watch FIFA World Cup. But, you might feel bad when you are away from your home and cannot stream live match on your device because of the different subscription packages. You have to make a subscription on different online streaming services that stream FIFA World Cup 2018.

Well, Right Brothers team working hard to find out a proper solution for this problem. Now, you will be able to stream FIFA World Cup 2018 on your any device whether it is Android, iOS, Windows or Mac, doesn’t matter. But, which one is the biggest advantage? You don’t have to pay anything. It is totally free. You will be able to stream the whole tournament.

Before we dive into our main content I would prefer you to follow all the steps carefully. Because the process is quite complicated.



X-VPN Official Website

First thing first: head over to this page from where you have to download one VPN application named X-VPN. The link will redirect you to the official page from where you will be able to download VPN app/software according to your system. The X-VPN is the best VPN service. It has almost every country unlocked and freely available. Yes, you can go for the premium membership if you want more juice. Okay, at this point the features are not important for us.


Connect to UK Server

To watch FIFA World Cup live, we will connect it to United Kingdom server. This is the only one which will help us to stream the game.


Now, to stream the game, navigate to this website named TVPlayer. It is the website which is UK based. Now, it makes sense why I told you to connect VPN to UK server.

  • Please keep in mind that BBC One and iTV this botch channels will stream the FIFA World CUP 2018 Live in TVPlayer website. So, make sure you search for timings of different matches for BBC One and iTV channels. However, I know the link of one website which I am currently using to check out the timings. It will show different match timings for both of the different channels – BBC One and iTV. So, you can know where you have to watch on BBC One or iTV. Just make sure the timing is in UTC. So, you have to convert it according to your country.


Channel list

Hope you are on the website. Now just scroll down a little bit and you will see a bunch of channel names as in the image below where you will find the BBC One and iTV.

The match between Portugal vs Morocco going to be live on BBC One. So, let me go for BBC One channel.


Simply create account

Definitely, you are new for that website, so it will ask to create an account. This is just a one time process. You can either use your legit email id to sign up or simply generate a disposable email using Tempmail.

Once you are in, it will ask for the Postalcode that you have to enter. But, you have to take care that you add UK based Postalcode, not your city’s. In my case, I have entered the following postalcode – WC2N 5DU (space is necessary.)


My live stream: Portugal vs Morocco / June 20, 2018

That’s it. You have successfully unlocked the way to stream FIFA World Cup 2018 Live on your device. You can stream every match on this player. Just connect your device to United Kingdom server in VPN app.

Well, you can also take another VPN service in use but this one provides speed in my case. Let me know if another VPN works better.

If you are facing any problem then you are free to comment. I will definitely contact you. Oh yes, I have shared the first update about this on Telegram Channel. So, please join for quick updates. Further, Subscribe to our Newsletter for daily updates.