How to Stop Any Sensor Service on Any Android Devices [Android 5.0 to Android 8.1]

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Modern Android smartphones make our life easy and now they are like one important part. The newly invented technology, now with the small piece of metal you can remote any electronics, you can measure temperature, etc. Thanks to all sensors installed on your Android device. But, sometimes it becomes so annoying to operate a smartphone with the damaged sensor. Yes, you can compromise with it, but what if you permanently disable that sensor?

Thanks to the Sensor Disabler app. This app allows the user to disable any sensor from all those available sensors on Android device. There are some requirements to use this app and most importantly, it required root permission. So, to make it work, you will need a rooted device and I don’t think your device is under warranty. If it is, go jump to the service center.

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Here are the Prerequisites

  • Firstly, root your device. You can root your device either using Magisk or other methods.
  • Once you have successfully obtained root on your device, you need to install Xposed framework on your Android device. Don’t worry I have described method below.
  • Download Sensor Disabler app
  • Disable sensor service

Root Your Device

Plenty of methods are available on the web to root your Android device. But we will choose the easy method that also makes Xposed installation process easy. So, I prefer to root your device using Magisk app. Honestly, I do not want to be the reason for anything wrong happen with your device. So, make sure to jump over the XDA thread to root your device using the Magisk app. Navigate here.

Install Xposed Framework

To install Xposed framework you will need the following file to download.

Keep APK file on your Android device. Please do not install it yet. Now, follow the steps;

  • Open Magisk manager app on your Android device.
  • Tap on the three lines button which is on the left side upper corner and head over to the ‘Downloads’.

  • Select the proper Xposed Framework SDK file according to your Android device. Just tap on the download button next to the name and tap on ‘Install’.

Please note: SDK 21: Android 5.0 | SDK 22: Android 5.1 | SDK 23: Android 6.0 | SDK 24: Android 7.0 | SDK 25: Android 7.1 | SDK 26: Android 8.0 | SDK 27: Android 8.1

  • Leave the app as it is. It will download SDK file and install the Xposed Framework on your Android device.

  • Now, Reboot the device to get everything done.
  • Once, the reboot is done, it is time to install Xposed installer APK. Install it on your Android device. Just open it. Now, Xposed Installer should be active.

Install Sensor Disabler

  • Download Sensor Disabler latest APK – Download
  • Install APK on your Android device and open it.
  • Tap on the three lines located left side upper corner. You will see whole list of available sensors on your Android device.

  • Select the sensor which you want to disable. In my case I am going with Proximity Sensor.
  • To disable select ‘Remove Sensor’ option from the screen. It will completely disable sensor on your Android device.

If you are facing any problem or there is any link broken, do let me know in the comment section. I will fix it and give you update. Provide a suggestion, should I make video tutorial on this?

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