How to Stop Ads in Any Android App – Doesn’t Require Root

When you are using your favorite application and at any instance, an ad pops up on screen and you tapped by mistake. It feels very irritating right. Well, it is the only source of income for the developer from where s/he opens doors for money. Anyways, we will just focus on the topic and let see how to block advertisements from any application you are using on your Android device!

Of course, this method doesn’t require root permission on your Android device. So, it becomes super quick and fast to remove advertisements and use the ad-free experience.

Let’s Do It!

To get started, you will need to download an application called AdGuard from the XDA Developers website from here. Install this app on your Android device. Before you install make sure you have given permission to install unknown sources from your device settings.

When you will enable this application, it creates the new VPN connection, and it will block all the advertisements from the application installed on your device. Please keep in mind that you have to request for the free trial to block advertisement from the apps. The app provides free trial for few days after you request later you have to purchase their premium plan. Well, the premium plan is not so much expensive. The developer will cost only $0.74 for premium plan per month which is the obviously affordable price.

Once you are in the application, you just have to press that power button to make this app live and there you go! You will find apps without any advertisements. In the free version of this app, you will be able to block advertisements from the browsers only. So, if you are the guy who does browsing lot, this might be the super helpful application for you.

I personally suggest you do not use this app because ads are the only source for developers to make money. If you will block them means, his/her hard work is like nothing. We should do value!