How to Send Confidential Mail in Gmail

When it comes to the email services, maybe Gmail would be your first choice. Google’s Gmail is fast, secure and with the super sleek design now than before. Google targetting new material design on its every platforms and Gmail already passed through this process. A new material designed Gmail makes everything organized and well managed.

With the time Google is improving its services including Gmail. And believe me, all new confidential mode proven to be a game changer in Gmail. It is really helpful when you are sending your confidential information which should get auto destruction or you want that no one can read without your permission.

A confidential mode can be accessed through the computer as well as through the mobile app. The only downside is, you will have to trigger Gmail that you want to send mail in confidential mode.

In Computer Browser

  • Click on Compose button.
  • Find out locked clock button in compose message dialogue box.
  • Set expiration time. The minimum you can select is one day while the maximum is five years.
  • If you want to add an extra layer of security, you can send a mail with security passcode. With this, Google will send passcode on recipient’s mobile every time s/he opens your mail.

In Gmail App

  • Tap on Compose button.
  • Now, tap on these three dots. You will see confidential mode there.
  • Again, select what you want to and tap on save.
  • Now, you can send mail. Everything will be handled by Gmail.