How to Send Auto Hide Messages on Instagram Like Snapchat

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Instagram has copied so many features from the apps like Snapchat and it’s in the race to copy one more feature which is auto delete chat. Instagram has named this feature – vanish mode. This feature allows users to set up an auto-hide message feature and lets you choose when to delete the message from their server. So here is How to Send Auto Hide Messages on Instagram Like Snapchat.

Instagram Vanish Mode

Facebook has been testing the nee vanish mode for all their services including WhatsApp and Facebook messenger and finally, it’s available for the messenger and Instagram called Vanish mode.

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As the name suggests, this feature will enable the new mode where all the messages will self-destruct after a particular time which you choose from the settings. It works like the incognito mode of the browser, leaves no clue or idea about what you have talked to other people in past.

How to Enable Vanish Mode

  • Make sure your Instagram application is updated to the latest version and if not go to the play store and update the app before following the next step.
  • Once done, open the Instagram application and head over to the messages section by taping the top right corner message icon.

  • Open the chat that you want to send a message to and you will see the text saying swipe up to turn on vanish mode.
  • Once you do that you will enter vanish mode and can chat with other people anonymously.
  • You will have three options to choose from when you want to vanish the text.
    • View Once which only allows the message to be seen one time,
    • Allow Replay which allows a replay of your message once more, or
    • Keep in Chat which keeps a preview visible in your thread.
  • That’s It. Now, you can enjoy a private chat with your friend or family member.

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