How to Remove Your Face Data from FaceApp Server

FaceApp application is the viral application on the internet right now. Your timeline must be flooded with the post of your friends and family members on how they will look like when they will get older. The various face filter shows a different look of yours as the old mane, female/male and more. [How to Remove Your Data from FaceApp Server]

The FaceApp was also accused of sharing the user’s data to Russia that the company denied later on and the U.S politician wanted the FBI to investigate it.

Well, If you’re worried about your data (face data) then you can request the app developer to remove your data from their server. Follow the below procedure to request FaceApp.

In a recent statement, Yaroslav Goncharov said that they are not sharing any data to Russia and if a user wants then they can request for the data removal on FaceApp application.

How to Remove Your Data from FaceApp Server

  • Open FaceApp application on your Android/ iOS device.
  • Head over to Settings –> Support –> Report a Bug
  • Write –> ‘Privacy’ in a subject like and write a description –> Request the data removal.

The data removal might take some time because FaceApp is experiencing huge traffic from the last few days and the company’s team is overloaded with work.

We highly recommended you to make a request for the data removal to be on the safe side if you really care about your data.

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