How to Remove Ads From YouTube Mobile App After Vanced Got Banned

The popular YouTube alternative “YouTube Vanced” gets discontinued after getting legal threats from Google. While the app continues to work on the smartphones that already have the app, developers will not allow new users to download or install it on any device. Well, If you’re one of the users and looking for an alternative solution then you’re at the right place. Keep Reading: How to Remove Ads From YouTube Mobile App After Vanced Got Banned

After the ban, There are a few workarounds that you can use to remove the Ads from the YouTube application for a seamless experience. This method works on all Android devices including Huawei devices that do not have Google Mobile Services.

Remove Ads From YouTube Mobile App

Time needed: 5 minutes

Although there are many techniques that can be used to remove YouTube Ads, I found this best among all. It’s easy to use, one-click installation and does not require you to log in with a Gmail account on an unknown server. This application does not require to have a rooted device so anyone can use it for any Android device.

  1. Download and Install AdAway

    You have to download an application called AdAway. Enable the unknown sources to install it on your device as it is not available on the Google Playstore.

  2. Select either Root or VPN Option

    If your device is rooted then you can go for the rooted option but if it’s not like mine then you have to select the VPN option.

  3. Download Files

    Once it’s done, It will automatically download the necessary files to block the Ads. Wait for it to finish then go next.

  4. Enable It.

    As shown in the image, You will be landed on the home page now, from here you can enable/ disable the Ad blocking option. The home page also shows the number of Ads blocked till now, Allowed Ads, and redirections.

  5. Cheers! AdBlock is Activated Successfully.

    This will not only block the Ads from YouTube but it will also block Ads from Browser, Other applications such as Instagram, Facebook, and others which are having In-App Ads.


Adaway is continuously improving its services by regularly adding new verified sources to the list. Currently, the company is having more than 90,000 user-verified hosts. If you still see any Ads on any application or a browser, you can manually add the DNS request to the host file. So that it will remember for the next time and remove it for other users. Keeping that aside, AdAway is by far the best free Android application to remove the Ads for non-rooted users.

AdAway app is working for both rooted and non-rooted Android devices but it works best with rooted Android devices. Although I did not find any problem using the VPN method(non-root). Additionally, it works for browser and In-app ads which is the biggest advantage. Lastly, It’s just 24MB in size so won’t take up much space in your device.

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