How to Remove Ads From Redmi Note 7 Pro [or Any Xiaomi Device]

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 and Note 7 Pro launched in India a few weeks back and as you might know, we already have this device at our studio. The device runs on Android Pie based on MIUI 10 and it bundles a bunch of ads that are irritating. So here is the detailed article on how to remove every ad from Redmi Note 7 Pro.

Lockscreen Ad:

  • Swipe right to from lock screen.
  • Tap on a Menu option
  • Tap on Setting and turn off Wallpaper Carousel

Ads While You Install an App from PlayStore:

  • Install any application from Playstore.
  • While it scans the application you will see a setting icon at top right.
  • Tap on it and turn off App recommendation.

Mi Security and Mi Cleaner:

  • Open Mi Security application.
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Turn Off receive Recommendations.

Downloads Ad:

  • Open Downloads
  • Tap on three dots and move towards setting.
  • Here turn off Show recommended content.

Shelf Ads:

  • Swipe right from home screen.
  • Tap on three dots at upper left corner
  • Now, Tap on Minus icon in front of Recommended Apps

Furthermore, You can also use AdBlocker apps like AdGuard or BlockAdda to block the ads. Which will not only remove Ads from Mi Apps but will also remove ads from every application and website.

If you’re not using MIUI Apps then simply uninstall it using the PC tool. You don’t need ROOT or an unlocked bootloader to uninstall apps from your Xiaomi device.

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