How to Play YouTube Videos With Screen Turned Off on Android

YouTube is now the world’s most lovable video streaming application where every creator shares their videos with their own audience. And you are right now reading this post that means you might streaming YouTube videos regularly on your mobile phone. So, you shall also know that you can also play YouTube videos in the background with the screen turned off. This feature is most useful whenever you listen to your favorite song or activities which doesn’t require the screen to be turned on.

Well, in this article I have covered up a method that will allow you to use watch YouTube videos in the background even with the screen turned off. You may become happy because it doesn’t require root permission. So, let’s dive into the detail without wasting more time!

Play YouTube Videos with Screen Turned Off

In this tutorial, we will be using an Android application named as NewPipe. NewPipe is an open source Android application which allows users to play YouTube videos in the background without root. Unfortunately, this application is not available on Google Play Store. So, we will be going through some installation process as well.

#1. Download F-Droid for your Android device. F-Droid is the app market similar to the Google Play Store. Click on the button below and complete the installation process.

Download F-Droid

#2. Now, I guess you have installed the F-Droid app on your device. So, we are good to go. Simply search for ‘NewPipe’ on F-Droid. If you are lazy to do the same, click on the button below. It’s an F-Droid app sharing link.

NewPipe on F-Droid


#3. Now, open a NewPipe application and search for any video/song you want. It will show the results same as YouTube shows.

#4. Once the video starts playing, Tap on three dots (right side upper corner)> Switch to Background. 

#5. The video will start playing in the background.

So, this was a quick tutorial. Please do let me know in the comment section if you are facing a problem.

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