How to Permanently Solve Heating Problem on Mobile

Increase device's battery lifespan

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Smartphones are now very important part of our life. Yes, different users have different purposes. But, the heating problem is the most common problem on every phone. Heat is the biggest enemy of the battery. Heat can internally damage your device. Hence, it becomes worthless. Of course, you cannot overcome this problem. But, at least you can add more life by reducing it. Many smartphones nowadays come with the heating issue. The high-end internals requires more power to deliver the performance on your device screen. In the end, the energy transforms into the heat, which you feel in your hand.

Know Your Device Battery Temperature and Health

Let us navigate towards a good start. Before we you limit your usage on your smartphone, I suggest you know battery temperature and health of your smartphone. There are many applications available on Google Play Store, shows you exact information about your device battery life. The most preferred application is AccuBattery. This application shows the actual measured data.

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Majority of applications says the numbers are accurate. However, I suggest you do not believe on them. AccuBattery app does scientific research based calculations for device battery health and for them to keep all information transparent, it also allows users to see how those numbers are calculated.

Keep Your Device Cool

Most of the smartphone user overlook this step. The excess heat is not only bad for your processor but also it harms your device battery. People don’t take this thing too much seriously and as a result, the battery starts getting sudden death after some time period which actually not the because of the software problem. Take a look at the table given by the Battery University.

It is clear from the table that the hot battery will degrade in health much faster than a cool one. So, it is clear that you to increase the lifespan of your device’ battery, you should keep your device as cool as possible.

Give Priority to These Activities

Keep Software Up-to-Date

Check if an update is available on your Android device or not. Most of the mobile phone manufacturers provide some small updates which can solve heating issues if it is present because of the software problem.

Charge Your Device to 80%

The app, AccuBattery shows the numbers based on the scientific research and the app itself suggests, the user should always charge their device up to 80%. Yes, it is different when you need the battery most in some cases. This can increase battery lifespan by 211% compared to using full charges.

Perform Shallow Discharges

People will say, you should discharge your device to 0% in order to increase battery lifespan. However, scientifically it is not true. The Li-ion battery is different in nature from the older nickel batteries. According to the Battery University research, the shallow discharges can significantly increase battery’s lifespan.

Every time whenever you are using your device, you should discharge it to 40-50% instead of 0-10%. It will decrease the discharge cycle numbers. If you are in a situation where you have no charger available, then it’s fine. And if you are planning to go on the long ride you can also charge your device to 100%.

Fully Discharge Your Device Battery At least Twice in Month

The Li-ion batteries should not be discharged regularly. Nowadays, in the modern smartphone comes with the high-end internals, also have a ‘smart-battery’ which are integrated with the software. So, it can show estimated time of its life — e.g. 2 hours 33 minutes remaining. If you are following the upper both steps on daily basis, the battery becomes miscalibrated after continuous shallow discharges. So, it becomes necessary to keep it calibrated in order to achieve maximum performance. So, always fully discharge your device battery at least twice in a month.

Avoid These Activities

Don’t Use Phone While Charging

You should not use your device while you put it on charge. While charging the phone heats and when you do some tasks on it, the phone internals tries to absorb power from the battery and battery comes under the two continuous cycles which eventually increases the temperature and harms your device battery.

Limit the Usage of Power Hungry Applications

Of course, you should limit the usage of power-hungry applications mainly includes Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. It is not the right decision to disable or stop using those applications. However, limit the usage is the best option for every user.

Close Apps from Recent, You Don’t Actually Need

People always forget to clean recent applications on their devices. And as a result, those can cause the serious degradation in battery life. Hungry applications eat the lot power in the background. So, it is a good habit to close them instantly whenever you don’t actually need them.

Avoid Long Duration Heavy Gaming

Gaming is the essential part of every smartphone users. When you play the game on your smartphone, all of your device processor’s cores come under the heavy load. Hence, as a result of the temperature increases after some time period in order to avoid chopping in frames and deliver a smooth experience.

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