How to Mirror Android Screen on PC without any ‘Lag’

People often search for how to control or you can say mirror Android device screen on PC. Yes, there are plenty of other methods available in the market. But, I am damn sure no single method will provide you with complete satisfaction. The mirroring your Android device using those methods will also welcome the lag in the screen. It could never be as smooth as you want. Well, here I help you with. Further, this method doesn’t require any root access.

Scrcpy (you can call it scrapy) is the new source code which lets you mirror your Android device screen on your computer or laptop. Now, here you might think why this is? Using Scrcpy you can use the keyboard, mouse to control your smartphone. But, it doesn’t make sense, right? Other apps also allow the same. Here’s what makes it different from the other methods. It has a very least amount of lags. It will provide the super smooth result.

Before we start: The Scrcpy is not the stand-alone application. It’s a source code that I found on the Github. And in order to mirror your device screen, you have to compile the code using ADB and your computer’s Command Prompt. But, don’t worry it is super simple.

A video tutorial is attached at the end of this article. So, please take this note.

01. Download ADB Package for Windows

First things first, download the ADB Package for your windows computer from the link given below. I have attached direct download link. So, if you will click it will automatically start the download.

Download ADB Package

*If the link is broken or not working, do let me know immediately. I will update it.

02. Unzip File and Paste it in C-Drive

Hope you have successfully downloaded the file. The file should have named as ‘’. This is the ZIP file and all you have to do is extract it at the desktop or somewhere else where you would like.

Now, simply make a new folder in C-Drive and name it as ‘adb’.

Now, let’s move on. Once you have extracted it, you will need to copy all the elements in C-Drive. The attached image will clear everything and make this step easy.

  • Copy all the elements from the extracted folder.
  • Navigate to C-Drive.
  • Make new folder name it ‘adb’.
  • Paste all elements there.

03. Download Scrcpy Tool

Now, download the Scrcpy tool on your computer from the link I have attached below. The file size is around 19.2 MB. for x64. There are two different files attached for 32-bit and for 64-bit. You have to download according to your system architecture.

Download Scrcpy

04. Copy All The Elements and Paste to ‘adb’ Folder in C-Drive

As you complete the download, you should get the file named as ‘’. (It could change if the developer changes it.) Again, it is a ZIP file so you have to extract it.

Once, you have the folder. Copy all the folder elements in the adb folder which you have made already in STEP 2 in C-Drive. The image attached below will make this step simple.

  • Extract ZIP file.
  • Copy all the file elements.
  • Navigate to the C:\adb
  • Paste all the files here.


05. Turn on USB Debugging

Now, you will need to turn on the USB debugging in your device. The option is present in the developer option.

There are some cases where the developer option is not available. So, you can simply head over to the ‘About Phone’ screen and tap 7 times on build number. As soon as you will complete the process, you should get the message says ‘You are now Developer.’ Now you should get Developer Options as you go back.

06. Open Command Prompt

We are now in the most important step. Here you have to compile the Scrcpy code using ADB and computer’s command prompt.

01. Open Command Prompt on your computer.

02. As you will open a command prompt, by default it will show the directory of C:\Users\…. To go into the ‘adb’ folder we need to give the command.

03. Type the following command until you don’t get the C:\ drive directory. 

cd . .


04. Now type the following command to get yourself in the adb folder.

cd adb

05. Now, connect your device to your computer using the USB cable. It should prompt for ‘Allow USB Debugging’. Tap on ‘OK’.

06. To check whether your device is connected with your computer or not, type following command in the command prompt.

adb devices

If you have done everything correctly, it should show details about your device on the screen. That means everything is going perfect and you are good to go.

07. To start mirroring your device now it is time to apply the final code in command prompt. Type the following code in command prompt.


As you will hit the enter, you device screen should come on your computer display. Now, you can do anything that you want. It will run completely lag free and smooth.

So, this is the method which you can use to mirror as well as control your Android device screen using your Computer/PC.

If you are still facing any problem or any download link is broken then let me know in the comment section below. I will definitely help you.

Video Tutorial


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