How to Install Pixel Experience ROM on Redmi K20 Pro

Xiaomi launched Redmi K20 Series in India last week and the custom ROM (Pixel Experience) is already available for the devices even before many of you guys got the device after ordering it in the first sale. Redmi smartphones getting really good developer support because the company allows the bootloader unlock from the beginning. Well, If you don’t like the MIUI just like me you can install a custom ROM and enjoy stock Android experience. So, follow the guide on How to Install Pixel Experience ROM on Redmi K20 Pro.

Unlock Bootloader


Before you begin the process you must have to follow some necessary steps to avoid accidents.

  • The bootloader unlocking process will erase all of your data. So, take a full backup of your device. Just in case if you don’t want to know how to take backup or upload files on your mi cloud, simply move all files to your computer. That also works.
  • Make sure your device has a minimum charge of 60%.
  • Remember the device PIN or Password which you use to unlock your device.

Let’s Unlock Bootloader on Redmi K20 Pro

01. First things first, you need to enable the developer options. To do that Go to Device Settings> About Phone> Tap 7 times rapidly on MIUI version until you get the message on the screen says ‘You are now Developer!‘.

02. Now, Go to Settings> Additional Settings> Developer Options.

03. Enable the USB Debugging first.

04. Now, in Developer Options settings all you have to do is enable the ‘OEM Unlocking‘ toggle as shown in the image below. You will get a pop-up. Tap on Enable button.

05. Here you will find an option says ‘Mi Unlock Status‘. Tap on it. On the next screen, it will show that your device has been locked. Down below, you will see a button says ‘Add Account and Device‘. Simply tap on it and sign in with your Mi Account.

06. Now, all you have to do is make sure that your device synchronization option and find device option is enabled.

07. To check the Sync option:
Settings> Sync> Turn on toggle next to Auto-sync data

08. To check to Find device option:
Settings> Security status> Find device

09. Now that you have followed all the steps mentioned above it’s time to move on your computer to unlock the bootloader of your device.

PC Steps to Continue to Unlock Bootloader of Redmi K20 Pro

01. First, download Mi Unlock Tool on your device from the attached button below. Now, that you say, the unlocking tool is officially available on Mi website so why you will download from our site. Well, a valid reason is the latest version of Mi Unlocking tool cannot unlock the bootloader. It shows error while unlocking process. So, this is the older version of Mi Unlock tool that I found from Mi Forum to unlock the bootloader of Poco F1.

Download Mi Unlock Tool v3.3.525.2

02. Simply extract the ZIP file anywhere on your computer. You will see an extracted folder named ‘MI TOOL‘.

03. Go into that folder and simply open the ‘miflash_unlock.exe‘ file.

04. Once opened, it will ask to log in your Mi account. So, simply log in with your Mi account.

05. Now, you have to connect your device via Fastboot mode. To do so, first turn off your device and once it turned off, tap and hold on the power key and volume down key simultaneously.

Now, connect your device to your computer via USB cable.

06. You should get the message on Mi Unlock Tool says ‘Phone connected‘. To unlock the device all you have to do is simply tap on the ‘Unlock‘ button located below. The unlock tool will start verifying your device.

Couldn’t Unlock?

If you get a message says ‘Couldn’t unlock – After 72 hours of trying to unlock your device.‘ then relax. You have successfully submitted the request to unlock the bootloader of your device. And you will be able to unlock bootloader after 72 hours. You just have to follow the same steps while you unlock bootloader again. Make sure you bookmark this page. So, you don’t lose it.

After 72 Hours

01. Follow the same process. But now, you should get the message says ‘Unlocked Successfully‘. Simply click on ‘reboot phone‘ to reboot your device.

02. The device will take a few minutes to reboot.

03. Awesome! you have now successfully unlocked the bootloader of your device

Install TWRP

You can install TWRP on Redmi K20 Pro with ease. Follow our steps carefully. Hope you grabbed your device. So, let’s start.

01. Boot your Mobile in fastboot mode. To do so, first turn off your device and once it turned off, tap and hold on the power key and volume down key simultaneously.

02. You will require platforms tool to flash TWRP on Redmi K20 Pro. If you haven’t already, you can download from below. Once downloaded, extract the ZIP file and paste it in C-drive of your computer in a new folder and name that folder as ‘adb’.

Download Platform Tools

02. Download TWRP File and rename TWRP File to – recovery.img. Copy and paste that recovery.img file to the ‘adb’ folder in C-drive.

03. Now, connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cable in Fastboot mode. Once connected, you have to give some commands as I have written below through command prompt (cmd). You can take help of my screenshot attached below. So, open a command prompt and follow the commands.

cd adb
fastboot devices

After giving the last command, your device must show on the screen.

04. Now type the final command to install TWRP.

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

05. That’s It. Now, Hold Volume Up and Power Key For Several Second to Boot into Recovery.

Install Pixel Experience ROM on Redmi K20 Pro

Note: Installing the Custom ROM will erase all of your data so make sure to backup everything before you proceed.

Known Bugs: Double Tap to Wake Not working. Need more testing, Checkout Telegram Post for more information.

01. Download the ZIP file of Unofficial Pixel Experience ROM from here. It includes GApps so no need to download it separately.

02. Boot to TWRP by pressing power button and volume up button simultaneously.

03. Select Wipe –> Advance Wipe –> Select Everything and –> Swipe to Wipe.

04. Now, Transfer Pixel Experience ZIP File to your smartphone from the computer.

05. Now, Go to Install –> Find the ZIP File, Select it and flash it on your device by swiping right.

06. It will take a few minutes to flash and to start the device. Wait for the time and you will see the setup.

07. That’s It. Now, you can enjoy the stock Android experience on your Redmi K20 Pro device.

If you have any problem, Feel free to ask me in the comment section below.


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