Flash Custom ROM Without Bricking Your Android Device

So, the new ROM has caught your eyes and you want to install it on your Android device? Well, this is not an easy job. Installing a custom ROM is the real fun but only one wrong step can brick your device completely and your device will become a piece of garbage. You cannot do anything with that. This basically happens whenever you miss following any step in the installation process or you install any wrong custom ROM on your device.

What is Brick?

Before we dive into the main topic, let us take a quick look at brick type. Commonly there are two types: Hard Brick and Soft Brick. For example, say you have installed the wrong ROM on your device. So, whenever it damages your device’s internal hardware which basically becomes very tough to get solved, it is called as a Hard Brick. Whereas Soft Brick is related to software installed on your Android device. It is not so much tough compared to Hard Brick.

Now, I think you are worrying about your Android device. Well, don’t worry I am here with the complete guide that will help you to know some prerequisites required before you install any custom ROM on your Android device. But before, bring the cup of coffee for you. Some interesting things are coming!

Find Perfect Custom ROM


Strictly speaking, you must have to spend the proper time to find out the perfect custom ROM for your Android device. It is necessary that it should be made for your device. If you are in hurry to install the custom ROM, I suggest you to not do that. Whenever you will install the wrong custom ROM, you cannot even imagine the end result. There are 95% chances, it will brick your Android device. It can be either Hard Brick or Soft Brick and your device will become a piece of garbage.

Spend the proper time to get those all details about the ROM that you are planning to install. Take care of what you are searching and what you are going to download. There are some certain websites which provide the custom ROMs. However, I prefer you to go to XDA Developers Forums.

Read Reviews


Assuming that now you are on the download page of custom ROM. Before you place your mouse pointer on the download button to click, you should always read all the reviews given by the earlier users. Because this ensures is it really working and also how many bugs are present still on that ROM. Because not only it should be compatible but also there should be present as possible as less amount of bugs. People’s comments help you to get all of that necessary information about the ROM.

Say you are on XDA Developers website, here in the download section of ROM you will find the reviews of people. XDA Developers is the huge community and have tons of people trying the new custom ROM every day. So, definitely, there are no chances that you will download fake ROM by mistake. Ensure everything and then download ROM on your computer.

Unlocking Bootloader


We are now entering into the installation process. Unlocking your Android device’s bootloader is the first necessary step to flash any custom ROM on your Android device.

Here please note that not every mobile company let you unlock the bootloader. Whether you are allowed or not, it depends upon your device manufacturer. So, it is obvious first check your device is allowed to unlock the bootloader or not. You can search on Google using your device model and manufacturer name. I am damn sure you will get the solution.

In some cases, you must have to send the reason to the manufacturer to unlock the bootloader. Their developer will exploit the security vulnerability of your phone to install the custom ROM. Say Xiaomi. To unlock the bootloader you have to enter the reason first and have to send the request for that.

If you are in hurry, there is also an unofficial way to unlock the bootloader by following the rooting method or using Android SDK manager. The best way to find out that method according to your device model you should go to XDA Developers Forums.

Download and Install TWRP


Next step you have to download and install TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) on your device. TWRP is an open-source software to install custom ROM on Android devices. Similar to the custom ROM this is the next important step which requires the time. You have to find out the proper TWRP which is only made for your device model. If you will install the wrong TWRP, there may chances it will brick your Android device.

The best way to find the compatible TWRP for your device, download their official TWRP application from the Google Play Store. You can search easily in this application according to your device model and download it.

[appbox googleplay me.twrp.twrpapp]

Coming on the TWRP Installation process which you have to do via ADB (Android Debug Bridge). ADB can control your device over USB from a computer, copy files back and forth, install and uninstall apps, run shell commands, and more. Don’t worry this is not a tough process. Check out this XDA Developers’s guide. That will help you to know step by step information to install the TWRP using ADB.

ROM Installation

Now, you are good to go to install the ROM on your Android device. To flash ROM, you need to use installed TWRP. There are certain steps that you have to follow while you are installing any ROM on your device. Don’t worry it is pretty easy. But make sure to take backup and transfer it to your computer before you start to install ROM.

So, hope this guide will help you to take care of those all things that need to be taken care while you are installing any custom ROM. If you have still any questions, you can simply drop the question in the comment section. We will surely answer you!