How to Install Android Pie on Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus

Android Pie has been released for Pixel devices and Essential Phone. It might take a year or might not come if you wait for official update. The Treble Support changed everything. If you own Lenovo Zuk Z2 Plus device and want to know how to Install Android Pie in your device then keep reading this article till the end.

NOTE: Please Follow All the Steps Strickly, If you don’t it might brick your device and we won’t be responsible for that. 

This process will require bootloader unlocked and TWRP installed. Please do this steps before you follow any other steps. 

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A Process to Install Android Pie on Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus:

#1. Take Backup of your device using TWRP.

[Reboot to TWRP –> Backup –> Select Everything –> Transfer that file to your computer] [If something wrong happens you can get back to your O


a. If you are on non-treble ROM:
– Install (
– Install treble TWRP recovery img (…45805528044154)
– Reboot to new recovery
– Proceed to step

b. If you are already using Treble ROM: No Need to Flash Anything

#3. Wipe everything including your internal storage. [Necessary]

#4. Reboot to recovery

(you will get no OS installed screen, slide the icon and do not worry you will reboot to TWRP)

#5. Download all the following files, Connect your phone to your PC and transfer the following files to the internal storage:

#6. Install CrDroid Treble ROM

#7. Install latest GPU drivers

#8. flash P-DP5-sGSI-Aonly.img on System partition (choose install image from TWRP and choose img file and choose system image)

#9. Mount System and Vendor on TWRP:

Go to Mount Tap on System & Vendor and clear any other.

 #10. Flash GSI files

  • Flash POST-sGSI_1
  • Flash POST-sGSI_2
  • Flash POST-sGSI_3

#11. Flash Magisk

#12. Mound System & Vendor again on TWRP.

#13. Flash

Necessary because there is some issue with performance. It will help a lot for a smoother experience.

#14. Mount Vendor on TWRP, uncheck System.

#15. (To prevent reboots to twrp) Go to TWRP Advanced->Terminal, type the following and press enter

echo persist.sys.disable_rescue=true >> /vendor/build.prop

#16. Reboot to System & Let Phone Rest for 10 Minutes [Necessary] [Do Not Use Phone Yet]

#17. Install Google Play Services APK

#18. Reboot to TWRP

#19. Install

#20. Reboot to System & Let Phone Rest for 10 Minutes.

#21. Click on Setup from Notification Tray & Sign in to your Google Account

#22. Choose Setup Fingerprint & then pattern.

#23. On the screen where it asks you to place a finger on the sensor, leave the screen as it is for about 10 minutes (DO NOT TOUCH THE FINGERPRINT SENSOR RIGHT AWAY)

#24. After 10 minutes, try registering your fingerprint:

a) if it passes, YAY!
b) if it goes back to the previous screen, click on continue and try registering (no need to wait for 10 minutes)
c) if it goes to register screen and fails, YAY! you can set it up after the setup is complete (don’t worry, it will work)

[It might not work for the first time, So try at least 3 times.]

#24. Complete setup and let phone rest for 10-20 minutes.

#25. Open Magisk & Install Update (It will update twice)

#26. Install GCam

Voila, Android Pie is now installed in your Lenovo Z2 Plus. If you have any issue installing, Let us know in comments below.

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