How to Improve Privacy on Your Android Device

I know your smartphone contains sensitive information that undoubtedly includes your sweet memories in form of photos, your important contact numbers, your documents, and sometimes your saved passwords and much more. But, is your device capable to keep all of this information under the proper privacy? Probably the answer should be NO!

Android is the open source project in which anyone can inject malicious codes into the device. The user cannot even know what is actually happening. Don’t worry I am not here to make you afraid. Let’s dive into the content.

Turn On Google Play Protect

First things first, you might one of them who sometimes finds applications from the outside source like from the web or untrusted websites. Well, I can understand it becomes sometimes necessary to have an app which you can’t find on Play Store or you can’t purchase. But, we are living in 2018 where anything can happen with your device. To ensure everything is going smooth and fine on your Android device just make sure you have Google Play Protection turned on. If anything goes wrong with the particular app, it will instantly notify you.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Navigate to Security and Location.
  3. Open Google Play Protect.
  4. Follow the instructions and turn it on.

Enable Android Device Manager

You may know the Android Device Manager which provides the great security to your device just in case if you lost it. You can easily track your device and lock it instantly by going on the Find My Device website. That will help you to secure your data. Further, if your device is stolen or you have lost and you think your data is really important and it is on risk then you can also erase your device just with the one tap.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Navigate to Security & Location.
  3. Open Find My Device.
  4. Make sure the toggle is turned on.

Set Lock Screen

The most common method to secure your data is the lock screen. In 2018 there are many secure methods are available to keep your device secured like a fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, 3D face unlock, etc. However, the fingerprint scanner is now highly used the feature to unlock any device and it is secure too. You can set the lock screen on your device in order to prevent the stealing of your data. Further, just in case if you lost your device or it is stolen, it ensures that your data is secure.

Stop Using Third-Party Apps to Store Your Passwords

Majority of people have number accounts on social media. So, to keep everything fast they basically download the Password Keeper on their device to store the password for their various social accounts. However, I would prefer not to do that. Yes, I personally have used apps of trusted developers. However, I couldn’t find them helpful. It better to write your passwords in your personal diary. At least, it is not connected to the internet.

Browser Switching

How can browser switching help? Let me explain. Google track your each and every activity that you do on the web. It doesn’t matter whether you are using VPN service or not. Once you enter into the Google to find something, it will track your activity. However, there is nothing to worry about. All the data will be stored in the private Google’s data center. However, as it says, Prevention is better than cure. The browser switching can help you to stop tracking your online activity. Like the DuckDuckGo, which doesn’t track anyone’s activity. However, there will be different search results in the list and sometime it may happen you can’t find anything that you want.

So, let me know what do you think about this in the comment section.