How to Enable PiP mode for YouTube in Android Oreo Devices

Android Oreo supports lots of new features and one of the features is Picture in Picture mode and without any doubt that is great. But Picture in Picture mode doesn’t support YouTube app unless you have YouTube red subscription. YouTube red subscription costs you around $10 for a month. So here is How to get PiP mode for YouTube in Android Oreo Devices without having YouTube red subscription.

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You will find many tutorials on it and they told you to download various stuff and give command using ADB drivers. Well, forget that all and I have got a simple method for you. You will be able to play youtube videos in the background without installing any third party application and without giving any commands from your computer. This method is 100 times simple than any other method.

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What do you need?

Any Android device with Android Oreo 8.0 or 8.1 Installed.


Steps to Enable PiP Mode

Step 1: Head over to YouTube, Play any video

Step 2: Tap on three dots which is available at right side upper corner

Step 3: Tap on View in Cardboard

Step 4: Go to notification center find PiP and enable it.

Step 5: Cheers! PiP mode is enabled now and you can play Youtube videos in the background.


Try yourself and thank me later. So, this is the just simple guide to enable PiP mode on any android devices. Hope it helps you. Let us know in comments if you like this quick guide.