How to Get More Surveys in Google Opinion Rewards

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Google Opinion Rewards offers an excellent way to earn rewards which can be used at the playstore to buy the application and much other stuff. You might want to earn a lot of money but you ain’t getting enough surveys. There is a reason behind it, So let’s walk through all the steps that will help you to get more surveys.

If you haven’t downloaded the app then download Google Opinion Rewards app from the playstore and log in using your email ID. Allow all the permission it asks.

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Turn Off Battery Optimization

Device Running Android 6.0 and higher have this feature which stops apps running in the background in certain condition so you need to disable this for Google Opinion Rewards to get more surveys.

Go to Setting -> Battery -> Three Dots -> Battery Optimization Here select the Google Opinion Rewards and set it to “Do Not Optimize”

Enable Location Services

Enabling location services is most important if you want more and more surveys. To do so, Go to settings -> Location and turn it on if it’s not already. Also, make sure to set the “High Accuracy” mode so that you get more surveys.

As your location is enabled, Google will track where you are visiting and that way Google will give you surveys about shops and malls that need reviews. So it helps users to get more surveys.

Enable Location History

With location services enabled on your phone, you need to make sure that Google’s own service is enabled as well. Yes, you need to enable the google service location separately. It is enabled by default but you need to make sure it’s enabled.

To Enable Head over to:

Google App -> Settings -> Account & Privacy -> Google Activity Control -> Google Location History (Make sure this is turn on).

Start Visiting Places

After finishing these few steps, you should start visiting places instead of sitting at home. When you visit places Google locates where did you go and give you surveys about the places. More and more visit different places you get more and more surveys.

I preferred to visit a different place because more you visit the same place it will increase the frequency and you will stop getting surveys.

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