How to Get iOS 16 Emojis in Any Android Device

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Apple recently introduced their long-awaited version of iOS for their iPhones at WWDC. The company has included many new features that revamped the design area and enhances the user experience such as an enhanced lock screen, focus mode, photos, messages, and many more. Along with all the features, Apple introduced a few emojis to improve the chat experience for their users. Well, if you want to try out those emojis but don’t own an Apple device then keep reading, How to Get iOS 16 Emojis in Any Android Device.

How to Get iOS 16 Emojis in Any Android

To get these irreplaceable iOS emojis you will need to follow some steps. It’s pretty easy as long as you have rooted android device (or at least TWRP installed on your device). Well, If you do not have custom recovery, there is a long process you will have to follow.
Just search it on google – how to install TWRP in “mobile name with model number”.
If you already have what we need, just go ahead and follow the steps.

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  1. Download Emoji Replacer APK

    Google Drive Link – HERE

  2. Install the Emoji Replacer App on your device.

    Allow it the superuser access so that it can download and replace the emojis that you need in your device.

  3. Download iOS 16 Emoji

    You will see a bunch of emojis on the home page of the application. Here find out the emojis “iOS 16” and tap on that to download them.

  4. Install It

    As shown in the image, It will give you a warning – That it will restart automatically after successful installation so just tap ok.

  5. Successfully Installed. Enjoy!

    iOS 16 Emojis are successfully installed on your device. Enjoy chatting with your friends and improve your experience.

The process is pretty simple if you ask me. Well, in case if you’re facing any issues then feel free to ask me in the comments below.

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