How to Get iOS 15 Emojis in Any Android Device

Apple, A well-known tech giant has recently introduced the latest version of the operating system for their iPhone known as iOS 15. It bundles a bunch of features that are extremely useful such as Focus Mode and SharePlay. However, the new software version is only available for the iPhone launched after 6s. Among them, Apple also introduced 100+ new emojis with the iOS 15. A developer has carried out all the emojis that you can get on your Android device. So keep reading, How to Get iOS 15 Emojis in Any Android Device.

How to Get iOS15 Emojis in Any Android

Well, there are two methods to get those emojis on your device. Unfortunately, both methods are required to have root permission. If you have Magisk then you can directly install the module or you can follow another process to get so.

Using Magisk Manager

  • Download Magisk Flashed File – iOS 15 Emoji Pack
  • Make sure you have installed the latest Magisk manager.
  • Head over to the application and go to the module section.
  • Here, select from install from storage and choose the file that you downloaded.
  • Flash the file and reboot the device.
  • Great! Now, you will see the iOS 15 emojis on your device.

Using External Application

  • Download the Emoji Replacer Application by Ricky Bush – Emoji Replacer
  • Open the application and you will see the first option of iOS15 beta emojis.
  • Here, Download the file and wait for it to finish.
  • You can directly apply from here after allowing the root permission to this application.
  • or You can create magisk module and flash it from Magisk.

Both the process is pretty simple to follow and easy to understand. Although, if you have any issue downloading or found any file is not working then make sure to comment down below.

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