How to Get iOS 12’s Quick QR Scanner Feature on Android

iOS 12 is Out! and Apple adds a ton of features. One of the features is Quick QR Scanner. You can get this features on any Android without root. The process is quite easy and I will make it straightforward.

This feature is not most interesting but surely it will make your life little easier. But to get this feature in Android you will need Android 7+.

Step 1: Install a QR  Code Reader App.

First of all, you need to download an application from the playstore, just head over to the link below and you can directly download an application.

Download QR Code Reader

Step 2: Install Custom Quick Setting

Download another application to get the same feature. Once you do that you need to set up, like give all the permission and all.

Download QR Code Reader

Step 3: Setup Both Application

Allow all the permission that it asks for both the application.

Step 4: Add Quick Setting Tiles in Notification Panel

Simply pull down the notification panel and tap on edit and add the QR scanner tile in the quick panel.

Now you are all set. You can just grab down the notification panel and tap on the icon to get this feature enable.