How to Get ARCore on Any UnSupported Android Device [2019]

ARCore is Google’s platform for building augmented reality experiences. ARCore puts your smartphone camera into the virtual world and uses key capabilities to show you things that you want. It uses motion tracking, environmental understanding, and light estimation to integrate virtual content. So, Here is how to get ARCore on any unsupported Android device.

Google has listed all the device that officially supports ARCore on the website and if your device isn’t listed then you can’t officially use an augmented reality application on your android device. But, There is another way for all the unsupported new and old device.

The most budget and old Android devices don’t support ARCore because of its poor processing power. ARCore needs a lot of resources to run smoothly on Android devices. It can push the limit of an Android device with its cool features.

Before you follow the steps, make sure to look for your device in the ARCore supported device list. If your device name is in the list then just go the Play Store and download ARCore app. and If your device isn’t listed then follow the below article on how to get ARCore on any Android device. 


Install ARCore/Playground Patcher Module

Open Magisk Manager from the app drawer and move to the download section. Here you can search for the Magisk Module “ARCore/Playground Patcher Module” or you can download from the link. Just tap on the download button, install it and reboot your Android device.

Install ARCore Application from Play Store

Once you reboot, You have to install ARCore application from the playstore. The application will be available for your device now. This will enable the use of AR Application on your device.

Install Google Camera

The Google Playground stickers are really good and you can try that since you have installed ARCore application. To use that you have to install the Google camera. There are many modded google camera application on the web you have to find a suitable google camera for your device.

Download the Google Camera PlayGround Application

Now, You have to download the Google Camera Playground application to use the AR features. The PlayGround stickers look really cool and that can change the way you use your camera application.

The latest PlayGround app version is 2.3 which is modded by the developer Arnova. You can install the application from the below link and try out on your device.

Now, Just download and install it on your device and use the AR Stickers from the Google camera. There will be a seprate option when you tap on the more option in Google camera from where you can play with different stickers and can also download addition stickers from right there.

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