How to Get An Invisible Home Screen?

April Fool's Day Special

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Who doesn’t like to do tricks on their Android devices? With the different launchers and icon packs, you can make your Android device look so much creative. There are few launchers in the Google Play Store, opens so many ways to customize your Android device and we are going to use ‘Nova Launcher’ today. Undoubtedly it is the top grossing application. It provides the both – prank and functional beauty. Setting up the Nova Launcher is super easy and using that we are going to hide all the icons. I would like to call it ‘Invisible Screen.’

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Start From Here

#1. We are going to perform this method using Nova Launcher. If you have not installed yet then head over to the Google Play Store and download Nova Launcher on your device. Once all done, do not forget to complete all the setups and make it as a default launcher on your device.

#2. In the next step, we will remove some useless applications from the device home screen. So, make sure to keep all the necessary applications. After all other applications, you can open simply from the menu section.

#3. Next up, pick a new wallpaper that you like. Because now your device screen is going to be an invisible screen, the wallpaper should look much attractive and amazing. Find any wallpaper you like or if you already have set it as a wallpaper.

#4. To create the blank icons all you have to do is download a Blank image from here. Just open the link and download it to your device.

#5. To create the invisible icons, first of all, long press on an app to open shortcuts. From there you have to tap on the ‘Edit‘ icon to open ‘Edit Shortcut.’

#6. Tap on the ‘App icon‘. Now from the next menu select ‘Gallery Apps.

#7. Select ‘Gallery‘ from here. Now select that blank.png image from your the download album or from where you have downloaded it. Set it as an icon image.

#8. That’s it. You can see in my device Instagram icon looks invisible. I have kept the name turned on so you can understand better.

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