How to Force Download Files with IDM (Configure Special Keys)

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I have doubt, are you using a licensed version of Internet Download Manager? Because as I have received so many requests for the free version of Internet Download Manager. Since IDM offers you to try their trial version, you can easily download it for free to use it for a limited time period. In this post, I will show you how you can force download any file with IDM. We will configure special keys for IDM.

Internet Download Manager can be used in vast scenarios. Starting from quick toggle which allows you to download any video without switching to any application. In addition, it also tries to download files on the highest possible bandwidth. I know there are lots of other download managers. But, you are here that means, you are looking for a proper solution for IDM.

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Use of Special Keys

If you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you must have installed an extension for Internet Download Manager. However, sometimes, when you click on the download link, it starts in browser’s own download manager. And it hurts a bit. Because you have to cancel it, then copy the download link and paste in Internet Download Manager to start the downloading that particular file.

If you will configure the special keys in Internet Download Manager, you will be able to skip all those annoying steps. Put simply, the download will start directly in Internet Download Manager software.

How to Force Download Files in IDM

Let me guess that you have installed Internet Download Manager on your computer and you know how to play with the settings. With that said let’s jump on the steps to configure special keys so that you can force download files in IDM.

01. Open IDM on your computer.

02. Go to Downloads > Options.

03. You should get a new screen. Head over to the General > Keys.

04. Upon click, you will get a new settings box where you can configure different keys to force download with Internet Download Manager.

05. Make sure to checkmark both of the boxes which are upper side. Now, on the bottom of each application, you will get different keys that you can choose from.

In my case, to prevent downloading with IDM I have selected ‘Alt‘ and to force download with IDM I have selected ‘Shift‘.

06. Once, you select keys, click on ‘OK‘. Now, you have successfully configured the keys.

07. Now, to force download with IDM, you simply have to first press that selected key and then clicks on the download link. It will show a dialogue box to download file using IDM.

For example, in my case, I have selected the ‘Shift’ key to force download with IDM. So, to download file, I will press Shift and then click on that download link. It will prevent downloading in browser’s default download manager and start downloading using IDM.

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