Jio 5G Welcome Offer – How to Enable 5G on Jio on a smartphone

Reliance Jio is gradually expanding its 5G coverage to more cities. To allow its users to experience the high-speed and unlimited mobile data that comes with its 5G internet service, Reliance has decided to offer a free trial of its True 5G service. In this post, we will see how you can enable 5G in Jio network if you are an existing user.

Did you know, when I received the notification from Jio that I was eligible for the Jio True 5G Welcome Offer, I immediately activated it on my device and tested the internet speed. Jio True 5G boasts of offering lightning-fast internet speeds with a maximum bandwidth of up to 1 Gbps.

As of now, while I am writing this article, Jio 5G is available in 226 cities including Haridwar, Shillong, Ajmer, Ahmedabad, and many more.

So let’s go through step by step process on how to enable 5G on Jio network on your device.

How to Enable Jio True 5G on Smartphones

Checking Jio 5G Availability and Device Support

Let’s start by confirming whether Jio 5G is available in your city or not.
If you are certain that it is available, feel free to skip these steps to save time.

1. Visit Jio 5G website.

2. Scroll down. You will see the drop-down menu to select your state.

3. Upon making your selection, you will be presented with a list of cities where Reliance Jio is available. If your city appears on the list, you can proceed to the next steps.

how to enable jio 5g

4. Now scroll up and you will see a button ‘Is your device 5G ready?’ – tap on that.

It will ask you to enter your Jio Number. So enter it and verify it with the received OTP.
It will take a few seconds to verify whether your device is 5G ready or not.

how to enable jio 5g

5. If your device is enabled, let’s head over to Device Settings to enable it.

At this point, I am separating methods for iOS and Android. So follow accordingly.

Jio True 5G on iOS

Currently, my iOS device runs on iOS 16.3

  1. Go to Device Settings > Mobile Data > Select Jio SIM

    enable jio 5g iphone

  2. Now locate and tap on ‘Voice & Data’ > Tap on 5G On / 5G Auto.

    Let me explain these two terms in easy words.
    5G On: No matter what, your iPhone will always stay on the 5G network even if your iPhone running low on battery or getting warm.
    5G Auto: If your iPhone is running low on battery or not in True 5G coverage, it will switch to an LTE network.

    I recommend enabling ‘5G Standalone’ as well. It will enable cellular activities such as voice calls over the 5G network.

    jio 5g ios

Jio True 5G on Android

  1. Go to Device Settings > Mobile Network > Select Jio SIM
  2. Now locate and tap on ‘Preferred network type’ > Select 5G


Once you have applied the settings mentioned earlier, the Jio Tru 5G should be enabled immediately and you can start using it right away. However, in some phones, you may require to restart the device.

You can use ‘My Jio’ app to check if the True 5G unlimited welcome offer is enabled on your device or not.

  • Click on the Hamburger icon > My Plans > Locate the offer
how to enable jio 5g

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