How to Download WhatsApp for Windows

WhatsApp is arguably the most used messaging service across the world. Especially when you take a step in India, you will find every second device which will have WhatsApp installed. In this post, I will show you how you can download WhatsApp on your Windows computer.

A WhatsApp for Windows is an easy way to access your chats while you are doing work. It is more often annoying to pick up your phone just to reply to someone while you are doing any work on your laptop or computer. So, if you are lazy enough just like me, you can try out WhatsApp for Windows to make everything as simple as you would have expected.

Use A Dedicated ‘WhatsApp for Windows’ Software

WhatsApp currently working on new features. But, I admit, with the implementation of the new features, the company also does care about the compatibility. In this case, launching a dedicated WhatsApp software for Windows is the next beneficial move from the company. WhatsApp for Windows software is openely available to download on WhatsApp’s official website.

Since Windows has announced that it has shut down the support for Windows 7, WhatsApp also kicks it off from its list. So, WhatsApp for Windows software supports Windows 8 or higher.

To download go on the WhatsApp official website page. You would get two different. WhatsApp for Windows is located on the right. So to download simply click on ‘Download for Windows’ button. The download will start automatically. It sizes around 141MB. This is a simple way. Isn’t it?

Now, that you have successfully downloaded it, you can now install the WhatsApp’s Windows software.

To connect it with your WhatsApp account, you will need to scan a QR code through your smartphone using WhatsApp application.

Download WhatsApp on Windows From Dedicated Windows Store

Either way, you can also download the WhatsApp from the Windows store. Microsoft released its own store with the Windows 8 which contains different applications. Store allows you to download apps on your Windows computer with one click.

You can download WhatsApp with one click and configure it in the same way by scanning QR code using a WhatsApp application from your smartphone.

From my personal experience, I haven’t found the major changes between the store app and the official one. However, the major drawback with the Store app is updated. You won’t get updates quickly compared to the WhatsApp website. But, there you will have to check for the update manually.

WhatsApp Website

WhatsApp also allows you to use the service in your browser. I guess this one is the most common method to use WhatsApp service on a Windows computer. You only have to go over the website from the browser where it will show a QR code. Scan and you will get access to your chats in your browser.

The major drawback is the only one which is to keep the browser open in the background. While on another hand with the dedicated WhatsApp software, you can just minimize and speed up the workflow by keeping it in background. Also, it doesn’t consist more RAM of your device.

Points to Remember

  • WhatsApp in the Windows store will allow you to enable push notification in your computer.
  • WhatsApp will be disconnected when your smartphone disconnects with the internet.
  • Windows WhatsApp software will close your account when you will close the software. So, each time you will have to scan the QR code.


Since the WhatsApp for Windows is quite a handy way to stay connected with the chats. It is annoying to pick your smartphone and reply from the small screen. With WhatsApp installed on Windows, you can significantly enhance the workflow.



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