How to Download Spotify Songs for Free [in Any Country]

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Folks! yesterday, Spotify made their stunning service available in India and music lovers are extremely happy. Undoubtedly Spotify is the best music streaming service and especially in India, it was the most awaited application.

Spotify is now available. Although, yesterday, I went through its premium purchase page and it costs Rs. 119 per month. Definitely, it is affordable though. And if you are a student then you can get the 50% discount on Premium membership plan.

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Although, people have already started searching for patched APK on Google to enable offline download feature so that they can download songs to listen offline wherever they are. And I can understand most of the people can’t afford such subscriptions if there is already songs are available on the web to download just for free even in the higher quality.

Look, Right Brothers Magazine is not about piracy. And we will never ever share methods on how to do piracy and such things. The application which I will be sharing in this article will not actually download a song from Spotify though. And no app does that. But, this app will download the same song from another third-party site which makes everything less effortless. Worth to give it a try.

I have mentioned the steps to be followed in order to download songs from the Spotify with just one tap. Alright, let’s dig into the steps;

01. Download an Android application named ‘Spotify Downloader’ from the link given below and complete the installation process.

Download Spotify Downloader APK

02. Now, simply open the application. It should ask for only one permission to access your device internal storage in order to save the downloaded songs. Just give it.

03. It would ask for the user ID. You can put anything you want. (No, not need to enter your Spotify user ID). Just enter anything and proceed further. But keep in mind, it is just to retrieve everything back whenever you do fresh star again in this app. So, if you will enter ‘newuser’ ID just like in my case, you will get all of my playlist details.

04. Now, to download songs, you have to add your Spotify playlist in this application. So, just copy the share link from Spotify and paste it in this app.

Tap on three dots on right side upper corner -> Add Playlist -> Paste link

Now, here what turns out different. Take care to remove ‘open.’ from the link you paste. Otherwise, it won’t download songs. And then tap on ‘Set’.

05. There you go. Your playlist will be added. Get into it and tap on the download icon located upper side after you are done the selection of songs that you want to download.

So, again, as I said earlier, as we have noticed this application downloads song from another website by itself. And if you want to find out we are right or wrong, you can match the time of track in Spotify and in Music player of your device. Right Brothers never share privacy methods.

If you have any questions, the comment box is there for you.

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