How to Download Instagram Photos On Desktop Without Losing Quality – 2018

Instagram is now so much popular globally than other social platforms. Yes, because it is simple to use, minimal design and lots of new features have been added from the past couple of months. However, there are some restrictions on this platform. Like you cannot send a message from the desktop version, you can not be able to see someone’s profile images if the profile is private, and the main one, you cannot save any images on your mobile device or on your PC. Somehow, I think, it is necessary. But you might have heard that nothing is impossible.

There are several ways to come over from this all restrictions. But, you have to choose the right way. I am here with the one simple legal process to save any profile images directly from the Instagram platform without losing its quality. Don’t worry, I will show you each and every proof at the end!

Before We Start…

Yes, you can save the images simply on your device using third-party applications. But no one thinks about the security! Whenever you paste or download the image on your mobile device using the app, a developer can access the same files from those all links and you can think, this will be not right.

You need a PC and Google Chrome installed to perform the steps. Hope everything is set. So, let’s follow one by one steps.

#1. Open any profile from which you want to download an image. In my case, I am taking an example of Instagram Official account.

Here’s an image that I want to download in full resolution.

#2. Now, right-click on that image and select Inspect or Inspect Element. Older version of Google Chrome shows the Inspect Element and newer version shows Inspect.

#3. You will see this type of blue line having the sign ‘== $0‘ at the end. You can see in the image below.

#4. Now, you have to expand the code. For that move your mouse cursor on the line which is exactly upper from this blue line. My images will help you better.

Click on the arrow. You will see the some codes. This is really confusing right? Well, don’t worry I am here. It is super easy to find the image from this all codes.

#5. Once you have expanded the codes, you should get the results something like I have shows in my screenshot below. Here, you will see some resolutions as I have boxed with the red color like 640w, 750w, 1080w just like this.

#6. Now, next to those all resolutions, you will find the image source mentioned as “src” which contains the link of images in particular resolution.

#7. Now you have to double-click on that image link which one you want to download on your PC. In my case, I am downloading in Full HD resolution 1080p.

#8. Press ‘Ctrl+C” on your keyboard to copy that image link. Here note that you cannot copy those code using your mouse. Because Chrome doesn’t give the permission to copy such website codes.

#9. Open the new tab and paste that image link there. That’s it. Press on enter and the image is on your PC screen. Save the image from there.

As you can see the image is clear in the full resolution. It is super easy to download any image using PC by inspect element. It is safe and secure. I do not recommend you to use any third-party application or any website to download an image on your device.

If you are still facing any problem, you can just simply comment in the comment section. That will help you as well as me to know what is the problem and how to overcome from that.