How to Download a Copy of Everything that Facebook Knows About You

#deletefacebook now got fire on the various social media platforms. Yesterday, Elon Musk deleted his two brand Facebook pages. Cambridge Analytics accused of using 50 Million users data from the social network giant Facebook.

Facebook is the world’s huge treasure which contains billions of users data in its server. It stores almost each and every single interaction that you have done with this social network from the first date on which you joined. It also contains other activities with the different social platforms if you have given the permission of it.

What Facebook knows | Image: CNBC

Facebook knows everything starting from the time you have logged in and you have logged out, your friends, your home address, your phone number, email address, people that you follow, your messages, your calls, etc. These all information are sensitive. If someone gets the unauthorized access to this network, that’s it. He/She has now whole world’s information. Starting from its phone to its home address. The same thing happened recently – Cambridge Analytics Scandal!

If you are planning to delete your Facebook account, your history can help you if you have some special memories on Facebook. Just follow some steps to download whole archived data of yours which is linked with the Facebook.

#1. Open up Facebook and head over to the Settings page.

#2. You will find the button there says “Download a copy of your Facebook data.” Click on that and click on “Download Archive.

#3. Facebook will start to collect your all data from its server and within minutes it will make your archive file having your whole data to download.

#4. Once it is ready, you will see the button says “Download Archive” again. Click on that. It will download the file in Zip format.

#5. That’s it. Just unzip that file and you will find all of your Facebook data.