How to Delete Your Paytm Account #DeletePaytm

Paytm caught in a big controversy about giving their users data to the ruling party during J&K protests. This data includes users mobile numbers, email ID, and Aadhar card numbers. There is also #DeletePaytm hashtag is trending on Twitter. Thier many users started uninstalling an application and giving one start in the playstore.

So, Now you know that Paytm giving users data to the government without user concern. Should you uninstall the Paytm? Well, That won’t make any difference if you will just uninstall an app. Your data will be still there in Paytm server. Deleting your Paytm is not straightforward as you think, You need to follow some steps to do so.

Delete Using Android/ iOS App

#1. Open Paytm application and tap on three lines & Tap on 24 x 7 Help

#2. Select Managing My Paytm Account

#3. Now tap on I am unable to access my Account

#4. Now go to I need to block my Account

#5. Now tap on Message Us and Write a reason, Using this option you can raise a request to block your account. For this, you’ll be required to share a screenshot of transaction alerts or credit card statement.

#6 – After attaching relevant screenshots, tap on “SUBMIT”.

Now, Your account will be disabled but that doesn’t guarantee that your all data will be removed from the Paytm server.