How to Create Google’s New Personalized Mini Stickers Using Your Selfie

Google today introduced a new feature in their Google Keyboard aka Gboard. So, called ‘Minis’ which allows the user to create stickers using their own face. There are two different packs called ‘Sweet’ and ‘Bold’. Using new feature user can create their own personalized emojis which are customizable and can be tweaked to express the different emotions in different scenarios.

The new Gboard application is available on Google Play Store. And if you already have updated it then you are good to go. So, let’s dive into the steps and learn how to create Minis to use in chat.


  1. Open any messaging or notes app and get the Gboard on screen.
  2. Tap on the Emoji button down below in the left side corner.
    In case if you don’t have an emoji button than you will need to enable it through settings. For that jump into Settings -> System -> Languages & Input -> Select Gboard and get into keyboard settings -> Preferences -> Turn the toggle on next to the ‘Show Emoji Switch Key’.
  3. All right you should now in Emoji section of the keyboard. From there simply tap on the ‘Stickers’ icon.
  4. On the right side down corner, you will ‘+‘ icon. Tap on that.

  5. On the next screen, you can download the more stickers you want but we want to make our own sticker. So, on the top, you should have the ‘Create‘ button. Tap on it.
  6. Now, your selfie camera will pop up to take a selfie. Just snap your image and Google will recognize your face and create stickers according to that.

  7. That’s it. It will create a full sticker pack for you that you can also customize later and use it in your chat.


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