How to Choose a Perfect Smartphone from Tons of Options [Only 5 Easy Steps]

A smartphone is now like a toy for every people. The most favorite toy. Without it, they cannot live. You are looking for a good smartphone and you put your feet in the market to find the perfect one. But guess what? The market has tons of toys and you have to pick only one. Uh, that is very tough. Don’t worry I am here to help you to find out a perfect smartphone for you.

Before you buy any smartphone, there are some points you should have cleared in your mind.

  • Budget – it makes super easy to short out the list. I suggest you, keep a variation of Rs. 3,000 to 4,000.
  • Brands – not necessary, but you should list out 5-6 brands for the proper model.

Talking about me whenever I decide to purchase a phone, I make a decision by following the same way. I am here sharing my own experience that you can apply in your case.

Derive List

You know your budget. As I said to keep the variation of Rs. 3,000 to 4,000 — e.g. I can pay max. Rs. 28,000. So, I will make a list that covers phones price comes between Rs. 24,000 to Rs. 28,000.

You also know the brand names. Now, make the list even short by selecting a brand name. Yes, you can choose as many brands as you want. You are new mobile phone user and I guess that’s why you are here. Well, in case if you are confused which brand you should pick, then leave the option. You will find the way at the end of this article.

Check Specification

The most important step. As far as specifications concerned you have to pick device which provides the great internals in the selected price range. More costly phone, more advanced internals. Now, it makes sense here, why I told you to decide the price range and leave a gap of Rs. 4,000 to 5,000.

You have listed out phones. You can go for that particular one which can fill your requirement. For example, two phones are available on my list with the same RAM and internal storage but the chip is different. One has Snapdragon 626 and other has Snapdragon 636. I know what kind of stuff I will perform on my device. The SD 626 can handle it very well. So, I would go for it.

List the devices according to processor requirement, RAM and internal storage.

Pick a Screen Size

The reason why I placed this step at the third number: There are chances you may not get proper specs that you want. Yes, we can do compromise with screen size but not with performance. But, the screen size matters to all people. Whether you believe or not, I list out the mobile phones which have a 5-inch display or bigger. Come on its 2018 and who needs a small screen device!

You have to compromise sometime if you don’t get a bigger screen in the selected budget. However, that clearly depends on you. As per my knowledge, bigger smartphones are now easily can be brought under Rs. 10,000.

Oh yes, screen size selected. Now, my list is even small which makes super easy for me to select one.

Compare and Must Check Following Points

Now, let us say you have four different models according to your need that you have listed out. Still, we have to find out that particular best one. For that, you can head over to the comparison websites. You can simply search on Google. Just select the models according to your list and compare them all.

Whenever you compare must check the following few things:

  • Rear and Front Camera MP
  • Battery life
  • Display resolution
  • Android OS
  • GPU
  • Available Sensors (like accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer)

Mostly people consider these six things. As you have selected the processor, RAM and internal storage earlier in first step and screen size in second step.

Now Do This to Don’t Blame Yourself After Purchase

Hope you got the device name that is perfect for you. Now let us find out the in-depth details about that device before making a purchase. You know what I am talking about. Check reviews. An honest review can give idea on what you should trust. For that you have to dip yourself in little bit of research.

Search on Google about that device. Visit different websites, check critics’ review, watch videos on YouTube, go on social website like Facebook and join the group dedicated to that device and ask other users about that device. Once you have derived a conclusion what you have to do or for what you should go, just buy it in single click because now you have everything clear.

So, here you go. The way is super easy to select a perfect smartphone for yourself. Let me know any point that I have missed in my article. You can join our Telegram channel for quick updates or subscribe for newsletter.